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HuHuba was created with an intention of inculcating a comic book reading culture in India, at the same time helping independent comic book publishers reach their target audience. HuHuba combines great content with a mobile-centric reading experience, letting people consume comics in a more intuitive mobile form. With this in mind, I created a company around it - BendingLight Software Solutions LLP

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Designed and implemented a prototype that enables a user to receive information about his current location using a bluetooth GPS receiver right on the person's mobile phone. This included writing a driver in J2ME which facilitated the reception of GPS data to mobile phone and a parser to interpret the same.


The 4th Dimension


True calling


Interesting projects from IIT days

EDAS sponsored FFT accelerator project

under Dr. M. Balakrishnan and Dr. Kolin Paul

The project was aimed to identify the multiprocessor partition strategies so as to improve the turnaround time of FFT.

Performed detailed profilinf and identified optimizations and hot spots to achieve speedup

Identified multiprocessor partition models and achieved speedup of two in the multiprocessor implementation (with 5 processors working in parallel). The code was written in C/C++ and assembly and MPI library was used.

Sun Microsystem sponsored BioBox

under Dr. Dheeraj Bhardwaj

Build a bio-cluster based on ROCKS architecture and integrated the same with Sun's BioBox.

Created a ROCKS roll that was accepted by Sun as turnkey solution for running a majority of bioinformatics applications on ROCKS.

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